Luminescence Security Inks

LuminescenceLuminescence International Ltd, the U.K. specialist manufacturer of security inks, has a wide range of products that can help in preventing counterfeiting and/or amendment of security documents.

Focussing almost entirely on the value-document protection market allows Luminescence to maintain a constant watch on the latest fraud and anti-fraud techniques being employed around the world enabling them to proactively respond to new elements of risk.

These products are available only to banks, government bodies and their bona-fide security printers.

Exchequer Print Security is proud to represent the Luminescence range of security ink solutions which includes:

1st Level Verification Inks: These are security features that can be easily verified in public situations

2nd Level Verification Inks: Highly secure features that require the use of special devices

Multi-Level Combinations: Inks that contain more than one security component, giving additional security in a single application

Anti-Amendment Inks: To protect variable information from unauthorised alteration

Security Threads & Specialties: Fluorescent and multi-colour stitching threads for binding passports. Also other miscellaneous ink products used to enhance security and function

In addition, Luminescence also custom manufactures specialty inks for many clients. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities

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Cheque printing

For information concerning the Australian Payment Clearing Association's (APCA) regulations on inks for company and bank cheques, as well as other APCA specifications and guidelines, visit:

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Stock inks

LuminescenceExchequer maintains stocks of Luminescence inks in Melbourne. These mainly relate to cheque printing, but include other commonly used security inks.

Our stock includes:

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For information on stock items, pricing, or any questions please contact us.